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Best Diets to Lose Weight Fast – Top 5 Diet Plans

Best Diets To Lose Weight Fast

What are the best diets to lose weight fast? Diet fads come and go because some diets are more effective than others are. The challenge is to find the best diet to lose weight fast that actually works for both short-term gratification, and long-term success. As obesity develops to almost epidemic proportions in Western Culture, more people are working to figure out which diet plans will work best.

The hard thing about dieting to lose weight is choosing one that fits your individual tastes, and finding one that fits in well with your time constraints. Not everyone has the time or energy, to plan meals and cook them fresh every night. The same is true about exercising to lose weight while on a diet. Some plans just take so much time and energy that they fail long before they have a chance to work.

Taking those issues in mind, these 5 top diets to lose weight seem to work more effectively than others do. They have been able to stand the test of time, so that dieters have a good idea of how the diets work, and how likely they are to stick with the plan once they get started:

The Biggest Loser Diet

Although this diet has only been around for about 10 years, it has shown that it can work for both short-term and long-term weight loss. The plan involves a combination of teaching dieters how to choose healthy foods to lose weight fast, and the best exercises to lose weight by burning more calories.

Doctors closely monitor the individuals who participate in the program, and nutritionists carefully structure their meals. Professional trainers also set up their exercises. While this plan requires intense care from providers, it is a very successful diet plan to lose weight.

The Slim Fast Diet

This is one of the most familiar diets to lose weight for woman, and most would-be dieters starting out. It is also easy to get started with a six-pack, or a case of their “slim fast shakes”. The plan is also very easy to follow. Have one shake for breakfast and another one for lunch, and then eat well-balanced meals through the day. Most people who have tried this beverage diet lost 1 – 2 pounds per week, which is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

The Raw Food Diet

Some people refer to this as the Paleo Diet, which calls for the dieter to eat food in its natural state, and only eat what Paleolithic Humans were able to forage for survival. The idea is that humans are actually genetically designed to eat raw foods or foods in their natural state for better health. This diet can work, but it does require considerable commitment.

The Jenny Craig Diet

We see celebrities on TV tout their success with this diet that provides counseling and prepackaged meals. The diet really does work, and the weight does come off at a safe rate of 1 – 2 pounds per week. The only issue is that some people may have trouble keeping the weight off once they return to eating non- prepackaged meals they receive from the Jenny Craig diet plan.

The Weight Watchers Diet

This is pretty much the grand-mamma of all the diets to lose wight out there, and may very well be one of the best diets to lose weight fast for woman. Although, women have dieted in the past, long before Weight Watchers came into existence. People love this diet because, it made sense then, and it still makes sense now to this very day.

The point system of the Weight Watchers diet is easy to use to plan meals at home, or order food when you go out. The emotional support from other members helps people succeed, where other diets have failed. This is a lifelong diet plan that teaches dieters how to recognize good healthy food verses, bad foods that will actually harm your success for weight loss.

As with most successful diets, one will lose 1 – 2 pounds per week, and the weight will stay off much longer, as long as you follow the point system to a tee. Some dieters carry the point book with them everywhere they go, while others have a Weight Watchers app on their phones. This works just as well as the book, but it is less awkward to carry around and use. In addition, some dieters benefit from attending meetings; others prefer online support groups and chat, to keep them on a successful track.

What is The Best Diet to Lose Weight?

While these diets to lose weight mentioned above are great for teaching people how to make better food choices, teach you that becoming more active will burn more calories, none of them are really the best diet to lose weight. All diets usually come with exercise plans to help increase your activity levels, which is just as important as changing one’s food intake. They can only work as well as the dieter is willing to work because dieting to lose weight takes dedication.

Before starting any of these diets to lose weight, it is vitally important to talk with your doctor about your plans. You should also have a pre-diet physical that will help discover any health issues that may be the cause of the weight gain. Once you have an understanding about your body, you and your doctor can develop a plan for weight loss. Discuss the plans mentioned above and see if any of those is the right one for you to begin your journey to healthy, successful weight loss.


How to Lose Weight Fast For Women

Woman Working Out

How to lose weight fast for woman is becoming such a popular subject among young and older women, that there are very few secrets left to share on this subject. However, there are still a few tips to lose weight fast for woman left share.

We have heard about eating five small meals instead of three, drinking more water and cutting out soda pop, cutting down on junk food and increasing healthy foods. Oh, and let us not forget about getting off the couch and getting more active.

All of those ideas are valid and they really do work, but along with that advice, there should be some strategies too. Our old way of thinking about food got us into unhealthy bodies, so we need to change the way we think about food and activity.

Here are some easy ways to lose weight fast for woman. With a little thought and planning, we can make it happen a lot easier than you thought it would be:

Work out With a Friend!

Yes, that is not a new idea, but how you think of it might need a little change up. In some studies, scientist found that not only do we stick to the diet plans to lose weight, and exercises to lose weight better with a friend, but in some cases, we actually lose more weight quicker than we would all alone.

However, what if you do not have any friends, or a spouse who is interested in losing weight with you, what do you do then? You can go to some of the free weight loss sites where you can sign up for a weight loss friend. All you will need to do is input your details and they will find a match for you. If you need to lose weight fast, working out with a friend is the best way.

Avoid the Center Aisles at the Grocery store.

The wall area of a grocery store is where you will find foods that are healthier for you. Vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and dairy are located along the edges where they are more convenient for the grocer to stock, and rotate the food per shipments. If you must go to the center aisles, select foods that are not processed with many chemicals, contain high fructose corn syrup, or other refined sugars.

A good rule of thumb to follow is; if you cannot recognize more than four ingredients in the product in their natural form, skip it.

Your best bet in the center aisles are regular oatmeal for breakfast, coffee, and bread (preferably NOT white bread). Most of the other foods in those center aisles are packaged with stuff you just do not need in your diet. If you prefer to buy packaged vegetables, buy fresh frozen rather than canned.

Cook meals at home at least 3-4 times a week:

When you cook at home, you can control the fats, sugars in your meals better than you can at virtually any restaurant, and you can control your portion sizes better.

Usually when we go to a restaurant, they put bread or chips at the table. Do you do that at home? I am betting you probably do not.

They add sugar to just about everything to make the meals exciting to diners. Do you do that at home? I bet you do not.

In addition, their portions are usually large enough to feed a small army. You can control your portions better and even have some left over for your lunch at work the next day.

Portion your meals with your eyes, not a scale.

Using a scale to portion your meals is annoying and tiresome to the point you will probably avoid the scales. So, what is a better plan? Learn to recognize a proper portion with your eyes. Your meat or fish should be the same size and thickness as a deck of playing cards. Veggies and carbs should be no larger than the size of your palm. Drink water with your meals.

If You Want To Lose Weight Fast, Slow down when you eat.

You may not be shoveling in your food, but chances are good you may not be taking the time too actually taste your meals sufficiently. Doing that does not allow your body to get full with less food. Our brains do not register that the stomach is full until about 15 to 30 minutes after the stomach is physically too full for more food.

In the meantime, if you continue to eat at a fast rate, you subsequently eat too much for your own good. Now, if you slow down and chew the food at least 7 to 10 times, and really taste each morsel, your brain will have the time it needs to recognize the stomach is full on less food.

Eat to lose weight

Crazy, I know, but if you eat, your body will function better, your muscles will work better to help burn fat and your mind will feel sharper and happier. Fuel plus activity equals the best way to lose weight fast for woman.


Fast Weight Loss Diets For Easy Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss Diet PlanTrying to find fast weight loss diets for easy weight loss to help lose those excess pounds, is never an easy thing to do. There are a lot of bold people who try, but only few actually succeed. If you’re one of those people who are not fortunate enough to succeed in the weight loss quest, then you’re in the right place.

What you really need is a full-proof guide on how to lose weight fast. Not all hope is lost for you so there is absolutely no reason to panic. To get to the weight that you desire, you can do many quick weight loss diets.

Simply follow any of the following fast weight loss diets for women and men described within this article. Take note that not all diets work for some people, so it’s always best to try out other diets if one is not working for you.

Without further ado, here are some fast weight loss diets that will surely blow your mind:

The 3 Day Weight Loss Diet

The 3-Day Diet is one of the most popular diet plans, yet inefficient diets around. If you are looking for a short-term solution, then you can definitely considering going for this diet.

The 3-Day Diet is a low calorie diet. For three straight days, you eat meals that are way below your normal calorie intake. It is effective as a short-term weight loss solution because this method simply makes you intake lesser amount of calories for 3 days. This diet is not for the faint hearted – many have had problems with this diet.

Some simply cannot handle very low calorie intake daily – as this leads to fainting, or other various sickness. Another drawback for this diet is that there is a huge tendency for you to gain back all the weight you lost after the 3-day diet. So after 3 days of sacrifice and a few days of savoring the success – you eventually go on an eating spree and gain back all the pounds that you lost (maybe gain even more).

Try this diet at your own risk.

The Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

You may be very familiar with this kind of diet. If you have any Vegan friends, this is what they live with daily. Have you ever wondered why you rarely (if at all), see any vegetarian that is overweight?

The answer is this: they only eat organic, and mostly greens. By going on an “All Vegetable Diet”, you are avoiding meat and junk food, which does nothing but make you bloat.

Again – this fast weight loss diet is not for everyone. If you cannot handle eating vegetables on a daily basis, then you should find another diet to try. However, if you are fine living this kind of lifestyle, this diet will do wonders for your body.

The Supermodel Weight Loss Diet

One of the most famous fast weight loss diets for women is the Supermodel Diet. This is one of the fast weight loss diets used by many celebrities. In the Supermodel Diet – oil, sugar, salt, nuts, caffeine, and alcohol cannot be part of your regular diet.

This means that you need to monitor everything you eat. You cannot eat food that has even the smallest ounce of sugar or salt. You cannot drink coffee in the morning (or at night), In addition to that, absolutely no alcohol consumption!

Considered as one of the best fast weight loss diets for women and men alike, and for good reason – it absolutely works. Imagine having no sugar and salt intake for days; that in itself makes you lose a few pounds here and there. If you start turning it into a lifestyle, sky is the limit for you and your body.

The Cabbage Soup Weight Loss Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a 7-day diet that promises that you will lose 10 pounds in a week. The foods that you eat are very limited. You will be living on Cabbage Soup, and various low calorie foods for a whole week. Unless you really like Cabbage, this diet may not be what you are looking for.

Only sticking with this diet for a week at a time is highly recommended. If you need to lose more than 10 pounds, take a week to 2-week break in-between this diet. There is no exercising involved with this, so if you are looking to lose weight without exercising, this is the perfect, fast weight-loss diet plan for you.

Foods that this diet is made up of are; Cabbage (Obviously), Fruit (No Bananas), Vegetables, Lean Meat, Skim Milk, Fish, brown rice, and plenty of water. This is not a full list of food, just an example of some.


Obviously, there are more diets for fast weight loss that you can explore and use. These four though, prove to be some of the best weight loss diets for woman and men right now. Each and one of them present their own risks, but the results speak for themselves. They do work, all four of them. It is up to you though, to choose which diet plan you will go for.

Remember that there are more weight-loss diet ideas out there for you to try – just make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before you take the plunge. Even if the plan you choose has no exercise recommendation, it is best to include it anyways.


Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast – Weight Loss Tips

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

If you thought you have read everything you need to know about losing weight fast, then you are absolutely mistaken. Exercising, Dieting, Weight loss supplements, and Diet Pills, sure – all of those are legitimate ways to lose weight fast. You already knew that, correct?

Here is something that you rarely hear, or read about online. Easy ways to lose weight fast that experts, doctors, or nutritionists do not talk about too often. They do not suggest these because; they want to deprive you of valuable information, but more so because they are always hesitant in giving people a non-conventional diet or strategies that help with their weight loss.

If you keep an open mind, then you will be able to learn a few easy ways to lose weight fast for free! Yes – no need to buy any weight loss supplements or online products. Just read along as you get to discover five easy ways to lose weight fast at home with no effort, and no payment!

1. Low Calorie Diet to Lose Weight Fast

If you need to lose weight fast, then there is no better way to do it than going for a Low Calorie Diet. A low calorie diet is very simply to understand – you simply eat lower amounts of calories on a daily basis. Lowering calorie intake to lose weight has helped many people with their weight loss, if done properly. This does not mean fasting! Fasting to lose weight is not healthy, and can have detrimental side effects for healthy weight loss.

For example, if your usual caloric intake is 1,500 calories a day, then by only eating 1,000 calories a day, you are already on pace to lose weight fast! Simply eat food that will make you feel full without really being high in calories. Fruits and vegetables will be your best friends when undergoing a low calorie diet.

2. Take Advantage of Calorie Deficit

If this is the first time, you have read about calorie deficit – please focus because this is one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast. Calorie Deficit is simply burning more calories than what you eat.

If you eat 1,200 calories a day, then you should be burning 1,500 calories. That makes your calorie deficit to 300. You can go beyond that and have a calorie deficit of 500, to even 1,000 if your body can handle it. The key here is to make sure that your body can really handle going in a calorie deficits.

You cannot afford to go for a huge calorie deficit and then start falling apart. Many have had serious problems with big calorie deficits so it is advised to keep the deficit small at first, before you take it up a notch.

3. Get a Weight Loss Buddy

Nothing beats having your very own partner to help you get in shape! Having a weight loss friend is a proven way to lose weight fast simply because of the motivational factor alone. It is always easier to push your body to the limit especially when someone is beside you in your ear, reminding you of your goals.

Receiving this extra motivation is always a plus when working out at the Gym. You can even have a game among yourselves on who is going to lose weight faster, do the most reps, or even run longer on the treadmill. This will serve as an additional motivation factor, which will in turn make you lose weight faster.

4. Love Water and Ditch the Soda for Quicker Weight Loss

Unfortunately, for you to drop a few pounds effectively, you will need to give up a couple of things that you love – soda and juice being one of them.

Soda and juice contains lots of sugar. When you are trying to lose weight, sugar is bad news for you. Sugar may in fact be the reason why you are not seeing any results despite working out daily. As long as you are hooked with sugar, you are not going to be losing any serious amounts of weight. So do the wise thing and eliminate soda and the like from your diet. Learn to love water because, water has proven to be one of the best ways to lose weight fast.

Yes, water can help you out in your weight loss quest. It cleanses your body, and at the same time, it makes you feel full. By drinking water instead of soda, you are limiting, or even eliminating drinks that are bad for you. Stick with water, and you will love the results!

Instead of buying prepackaged juice from the supermarket, try making your own juice! Freshly made juice is healthier for you, and you know that there will be no added sugar.

5. Jog, Sleep, and Eat Healthy

Here are three effective ways to lose weight that you can do daily which will lead you to the promise land – jogging, sleeping, and eating healthy.

If you are in search for easy ways to lose weight fast then there is no better routine to do than this. Jog early in the morning for a good 30 minutes, eat healthy food throughout the whole day, and then get enough sleep at night. By living this kind of lifestyle, you will be seeing many good results in terms of weight loss. You will be able to lose weight fast easily by following this lifestyle.

Just remember that it takes more than a week or a month of doing this – you will have to keep going at it for months, and even a year. Eventually, it will start to become your lifestyle and you will be fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

Take action and apply these tips to lose weight fast. Reading it will not do you any good unless you start taking action right away. Weight loss is something that takes work and dedication to achieve; it is not something that will just happen.


Foods That Help You Lose Weight: Back to Basics

Best Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast

You are probably very used to hearing about “The best foods that help you lose weight fast”. Your parents or your doctor keeps telling you “You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables”. They always tell you that it will make you strong and healthy. They force you into eating them without really knowing the full reason why.

Now that you are older, you are still probably avoiding these greens because; you do not like how they taste. Especially now that your parents are not watching what you eat – there is absolutely no reason for you to eat fruits and vegetables anymore, right?

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

However, if you are on a quest to drop a few pounds, then it is best to listen to your parents again. Those two enemies of yours are two of the best types of foods to help you lose weight. It is just fair for you to give them another chance because; they can very well be the best foods that help you lose weight quickly.

Fruits and vegetables are very crucial for your diet if you need help to lose weight. You need to eat lots of these because; it gives you the nutrients that help your body become stronger, which allows you to have more energy to use when you exercise.

However, that is not the main reason why these are two of the top types of foods that help you lose weight. You need fruits and veggies for one very important thing: Fiber!

The concept of having fiber in your stomach is simple:

  • It gives you bulk in your stomach
  • It makes you feel full longer
  • It gives your mind the idea that you do not need to eat anymore because your stomach cannot handle any additional food

Aside from that, fruits and vegetables also take longer for the stomach to digest. Having food in your stomach makes you less likely to eat more. Foods high in fiber makes your bodywork harder to digest them; this makes you burn more calories just by eating.

Another reason why fruits and veggies should be your best friends when you are trying to drop a few pounds is their calorie density. Unlike pizza, pasta, or any other delicious food you love to eat, these greens have a very low calorie count. You get full and satisfied, while only taking in a few calories. Fruits and veggies are great foods that make you lose weight and fill you up fast at the same time. Hitting two birds with one stone is the name of the game!

Exercise Less and Eat More

Have you ever wondered why almost all Vegetarians you know are thin, or in-shape? This is exactly the reason why! Your body becomes satisfied while taking in a low calorie count. This gives you a lot of wiggle room in terms of losing calories via exercising. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you have a larger room for error.

If for example you usually exercise for 1 hour – if you ate nothing but fruits and veggies the whole day, then you are excused to just spend 40 minutes of your time for exercise (though it is still better if you exercise full-time). Having this luxury is one of the main reasons why fruits and vegetables are the best diet foods for quick weight loss.

Give Your Body What It Needs For Quick Weight Loss

While fruits and vegetables take longer time to digest, they are actually much easier to digest than foods such as pizza, potato chips, baked goods (doughnuts and cake), etc. Those foods offer your body nothing but loads of Trans-Fats and loads of sugar. Add in the fact that what is inside of you from fruits and veggies is actually healthy, and good for your body. This makes this healthy eating experience even more fulfilling.

Despite all these, many people still dislike these healthy foods that help you lose weight. In a fantasy world, you can definitely hope that pizza and burgers are foods that would help with your weight loss. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

For you to lose weight you must be willing to sacrifice some of the food that you are accustomed to eating (junk food)! This means that you should be ready to give up your favorite fast food restaurants for a while and start-eating healthy foods that help you lose weight and fill you up.

Now that you have read all the amazing things that eating healthy can do for you – you should stop avoiding them, and start embracing them instead! Embrace fruits and vegetables with open arms, and incorporate them into a well-balanced, healthy diet. You cannot go wrong with foods that help you lose weight fast such as these two!